Cactus(Live Plant ) Air Purifier With Mug (I love mom) – (Exotic Rare Home Decor Indoor Cactus Plant)


Native to South Africa, these clump forming succulent plants have similarities with the Aloe plant and they’re related with the same sub-family. There are also sub-species grown. In their natural habitat (sub-tropical) they receive plenty of sun and periods without rainfall. Their succulent nature enables them to store water within the thick leaves when there’s no frequent rainfall. The main difference between the two species (H. fasciata – H. attenuata) is the Haworthia fasciata has smoother inner leaves unlike the H. attenuata that displays tubercles (warty growths). The Fasciata is supposedly more rarer than the Attenuata and seems to have fatter leaves. Primarily they are grown in gardens. However, they are also grown in greenhouses, conservatories and within homes. Flowering: If the Hawothhia blooms appear (may not indoors) they are small tubular white or pink flowers growing from an inflorescence (thin kind of stem). Foliage: