In recent years, many people have been persuaded to think that the kalimba is a Chinese instrument. Kalimbas manufactured in China were very rare. They are, in fact, modelled on the Hugh Tracey Treble Kalimba, which was manufactured in Africa. The kalimba, on the other hand, has a much deeper African history than that!

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This instrument is constructed of a board with strong but flexible keys attached to it. These keys produce a twanging sound when plucked, akin to twanging a ruler held over the edge of a table.

Lamellaphones come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the lamellae made of cane or other hammered metals. There are many methods to modify or connect the lamellae to the board. The resonator may be a wooden box, a hollowed-out gourd, or even a tortoise shell.

The basic kalimba has just around 17 keys and is played with your thumbs, making it very easy to learn. Because of its simple instrumentation, it just takes an hour to have a good track in progress, whether you're just messing about with it or trying to create your own songs. There are also numerous choices if you wish to learn one of your favourite songs.

The drums and piano are the most common foundation instruments, and they complement the Kalimba well. Make sure you have a strong foundation in place before you start adding kalimba sounds into your musical composition. The foundation is usually in a loop. This may be done using a pre-recording or a sample.