The potter pushes his finger into the clay's centre. As He pulls the clay towards him, it begins to respond. This whole process entails re-centering. We are always in need of re-aligning with God and his methods. "Go down to the potter's house, and there I will give you my word," the Lord said to Jeremiah.

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We sabotage ourselves by making choices that come back to haunt us. And the Potter does not have to throw us away, but there is a re-centering and maybe a new well, a new route in the design. The Potter is not confused, despite the fact that the pot may change shape on its way to reaching the Potter's objective.

Our lives may take unexpected twists at times. We had a plan - we were going to do this with our lives – but we were marred, and that marring changed the path of our lives. And although we still have the same objective as before, we may achieve it in a different way. So I went down to the potter's house and found him spinning on the wheel. The pot he was sculpting from the clay, however, was broken in his hands, so the potter reshaped it into another pot, shaping it as he saw appropriate. Then I received the Lord's word.

The hands swap places, one on the inside and one on the outside, and the wheel speed dramatically lowers. The clay idol is pushed upward by gentle inward pressure. Again, constant pressure is needed or the form will shift out of place. God is at work inside us, but He is also at work outside of us. When this happens to us, there are things that no one else can see – and things that others can see. God works not just on what we accomplish [external], but also on who we are [internal]. He is now working on both.