Gautama Buddha, the Buddha faith's founder, was born as a prince, distant from the world's misery and suffering. He was born about 566 B.C. as the son of King Suddhodana and Queen Mahamaya as the prince of Kapilawaththu. When Buddha was born, the great sages prophesied that he would become a Great Saint-Buddha. However, when the king heard the news, he became quite worried since he wanted his son to become a strong monarch.

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He grew up in Kapilavastu. Gautama belonged to the Kshatriya caste when he was born. In Theravada countries, the day of the Buddha's birth is known as Vesak. Lord Buddha's birthday is known as Buddha Purnima in Nepal, Bangladesh, and India since he is believed to have been born on a full moon day.

Buddha finished his education and married Princess Yasodra when he was sixteen. Rahula was the name of his kid. At the age of 29, he gave up all of his comforts and set out on a journey to find real joy in life. After leaving his kingdom and family, Gautama became a travelling monk. He shaved his head to demonstrate his rejection of worldly fashion and referred to himself as a mystic.

Lord Buddha wore ragged robes and travelled from place to place in search of Atma Gyan. In his search for the truth, he studied with the most educated academics of the day. He continued his search on his own since none of them knew how to stop his suffering. He was trained by a variety of teachers but was never satisfied. After six years, he travelled to the Neeranjana River in Bodhgaya and sat under a tree. He quieted his mind and began meditating. He could see his mind's eye extending beyond this planet to galaxies and the distant cosmos as he concentrated.