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The aim of Holy Krishna Bird Food is to fulfil all of your bird-related requirements. Premium Mixture Seed Bird Food Premium Blend of High Quality Seeds that are pure and natural. Dust-free mixing It’s a well-balanced diet with a range of micronutrients that will keep your bird happy, healthy, and healthy. Foxtail millet, Pearl millet, Nyger seeds, Flax seeds, Little millet, Kodo millet, Barynard millet, Safflower seeds, Sunflower seeds, and Paddy seeds are among the ingredients (will differ from one product to other) This food contains a lot of protein, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, and carbohydrates. Fibre is plentiful, which helps digestion in your birds. This diverse diet is beneficial to Budgies, Finches, Small Parrots, Sparrows, Backyard Birds, Lovebirds, Doves, and Pigeons.