Holy Krishna was incorporated in Feb 2013,


Holy Krishna is a young and dynamic web shop serving the Hindu community worldwide. Our aim is to offer religious products and knowledge to enable Hindus to perform their pujas in the best possible way. We provide the best quality to ensure the most benefit.


Our art offerings today also include paintings on various media and in styles ranging from folk art to contemporary, intricate sculptures sourced from various parts of India, cloth crafts, shell craft and many more such artwork which define the diversity and vivacity of India. We also showcase apparel, jewelry and accessories from every part of India from east to west, and north to south. The cultural and philosophical aspects of India are showcased through our collection of books in a diverse range of topics that encompass the essence of India.

We will also continue to strive to bring the beautiful art, the vivacious fashion and the deep rooted philosophy of India to people both within and outside India. And through this, we hope to continue to help the various artists spread across India in getting fair compensation for the hours of labour they put in to produce these priceless works of art.


In our web shop you can find instructions for performing pujas for all deities. These instructions are approved by Brahmins from Vrindavan, India, the holy place of Krishna. We guarantee the quality of the products and a safe delivery at your doorstep.


Holy Krishna  Ajay (Manager)  Near Surajpiur Industrial area, Greater Noida - 201306, Uttar Pradesh, India